mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Windows Phone 7 DSMI port and MidiControlWP7

Looking at the Windows Phone Marketplace, I realised that there are no MIDI Controller at all, in comparison to the few you can find on iPhone. So I decided to make one, and since having a server is mandatory, I figured I would make a port of DSMI for Windows Phone, since the server already exists on all platforms and I won't have to create my own. The port should not take long. I already managed to send midi messages to the server without a lot of code, so the rest should follow soon.

It will only work on Windows Phone 7.1, since the sockets are not available on the previous version (that's probably one of the reasons there are no midi controllers yet).

Naturally, I will make an app using this newly created library, and will most likely release it on the Marketplace. Stay tuned !

As for the iPhone port of MidiControlDS that some of you asked, I'm affraid it will never happen, since I don't have a Mac and will never. I prefer to focus on the Windows Phone version, since there are a lot of alternatives on iPhone, and nothing on WP.

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