dimanche 18 décembre 2011

Korg nanoKontrol2 Custom Remote Script for Ableton Live

I got a brand new Korg nanoKontrol , and Korg had the great idea to include a MackieControl emulation mode, that works really well with Ableton Live. But just like the APC20, it didn't work quite like I would have liked. Instead of Pan control, I prefer to have the knobs row to control Send. And the mute leds are on when you mute a track. I prefer to have it the other way : led on when the track is not muted.

I went on to decompyle the compiled python files from Ableton Live 8.2 but after hours and hours of trying, some of the files could not be decompyled. I then tried with sources of an old version of Ableton that were public, and it did work fine, so I started from there.

I managed to do the modifications I wanted in no time, and here's the result ! It will work with all Ableton Live versions from 7 to 8.2 at least.


For the moment the only modifications are :
- Pan knobs control the Send A parameter of the track
- Mute leds are on when the track is on, off when the track is muted.

I will do further modifications, since there are some buttons that I won't really use on the left of the controller. Cycle could be used as a "Shift" button just like on the APC, and combined with the Track and Marker buttons, could be used to switch between Send A/B/C etc, or to select a track, a device, and control it with the knobs. I don't know yet. If you have ideas, they are welcome !

jeudi 7 juillet 2011

GBATemp Homebrew Bounty results

The winners for the GBATemp Homebrew Bounty have been announced. I was participating with MIDIControl DS in the DS Homebrew category. I am not in the top 3 but I still got a 9th place (on 24 participants) and came out as the first non-game homebrew of the category, which is good !
Congratulations to the 3 winners, and to the 20 other contestants !

1. Space Impakto DS (DS Entry) (60 points)
2. Arsenal (DS Entry) (57 points)
3. Fireworlds - A DS platformer/puzzle game. (DS Entry) (51 points)
4. Mind Maze (W.I.P) (DS Entry) (32 points)
5. Chronoclon (WIP) (DS entry) (30 points)
6. RedTemple (DS Entry) (25 points)
7. EarthShakerDS (DS Entry) (18 points)
8. NCIS "Around The World" (DS Entry) (13 points)
9. MIDIControl DS v2 (DS Entry) (13 points)
10. devkitARM (DS Entry -- Development) (11 points)
11. Super Smash Bros Crash! DS Demo 9 Version (WIP) (DS Entry) (9 points)
12. Boondoggle (DS Entry) (8 points)
13. Back From Ashes WIP (DS Entry) (8 points)
14. Mr.Robot and his robot factory (DS Entry) (8 points)
15. Robot Unicorn Attack DS (DS Entry) (7 points)
16. DS App Studio (DS Entry -- PC Software) (6 points)
17. DSLiero (DS Entry) (3 points)
18. MCinfoDS (DS entry) (3 points)
19. Bible for NDS (3 points)
20. TanksDS (WIP) (DS Entry) (3 points)
21. Gaia DS (WIP) (DS Entry) (3 points)
22. homebrew nyan (DS Entry) (2 points)
23. Cherophobe (DS Entry), First Person Shooter (1 points)
24. ChatMe (DS Entry) (1 points)

See the topic on GBATemp

mercredi 1 juin 2011

MIDI Control DS v2

After a few weeks of beta testing, I am proud to release the final v2 ! It comes with a complete manual that explain how to setup your computer to use it, and how to use the program.

List of features
- 4 modes : X/Y, Pads, Mixer, Sliders
- MIDI Sync with the DAW
- MIDI feedback from the DAW
- Every CC parameters are configurable
- CC state saving
X/Y touchscreen controller
- Sends 3 CCs : X position, Y position, Z : 127 if pressed, 0 if released
- 4 banks
- Loop recording (only if MIDI Sync is active)
- 12 transposable pads
- Velocity (hit the center = greater velocity)
- Note repeat (only if MIDI Sync is active)
- 8 slider controllers
- 8 mute buttons
- 16 sliders with customizable color
- 3 banks

Download on FileTrip

samedi 21 mai 2011

Screenshots of the beta

Here are some screenshots from the beta.

Mode selection menu

Kaoss-pad mode :

Pads mode :

Mixer mode :

Sliders mode :

vendredi 6 mai 2011

mardi 26 avril 2011

dimanche 3 avril 2011

dimanche 27 mars 2011


Here's a look at the bottom screen displaying kaoss pad bricks. Some testing I'm doing with the display.

samedi 26 mars 2011

Back on track

With the Nintendo 3DS coming, I'm going to have a DS again, and I will be able to work on MidiControl DS. I started already, actually. This time, I'm not using PALib, just the libNDS, and of course, the libDSMI. I will use C++ instead of C. This implies making everything from scratch again, so don't expect to see anything anytime soon !
It won't be a simple re-coding of the first MidiControl DS, I'm working on adding some nice features, the first being midi feedback, so that when you change a parameter on the computer, it will be updated on the DS aswell.

As soon as I get my 3DS, I will make some tutorial videos, now that I have a correct camera.

In the meantime, you can still download MidiControl DS 1.0b at Filetrip :

jeudi 10 février 2011

Akai APC20 Custom Remote Script for Ableton Live

I just got an APC20 for Ableton Live, and it works like a charm... However, I was quite upset about a particular point in its functionnalities. You can switch between eight modes for the 8 sliders, for controlling either Volume, Send A, B or C, or 3 User banks for assigning to whichever parameter you want. This is great, but to switch between a mode, you have to press the Shift button and then the corresponding button on the "Record Arm" row.
This is not perfect when you use the APC for a live set, where you're not likely to use the Record Arm buttons, but you're much more likely to have to switch a lot between parameters. Plus, you have to press Shift to see in what mode you are. That's not great at all.

I tried searching on the net if someone had already thought the same thing, and if solutions existed, but there was none. I then thought it would never be possible, since this was probably handled hardware-side... Until a nice guy at the Ableton forums replied and said that it was handled software side, by the MIDI Remote Script. This same guy runs a great blog about that subject, and he provided the sources for the Ableton Live 8.1.3 APC remote scripts.

I then changed a couple of lines in the corresponding python source file, and voilà !

You can download that version here :

You have to put the APC20 folder in Ressources/MIDI Remote Scripts in your Ableton Live instalation folder. I'm using Ableton 8.2 and it's working, I didn't test it on any other version.

Thanks a lot to Hanz Petrov for putting me on the right path.

As for Midi Control DS, I'm not working on it anymore at the moment, since I don't have a DS anymore, and I don't have enough free time. But if I had time, I'd be glad to work on it again, on more advanced features, such as controlling Ableton Live...