dimanche 27 mars 2011


Here's a look at the bottom screen displaying kaoss pad bricks. Some testing I'm doing with the display.

samedi 26 mars 2011

Back on track

With the Nintendo 3DS coming, I'm going to have a DS again, and I will be able to work on MidiControl DS. I started already, actually. This time, I'm not using PALib, just the libNDS, and of course, the libDSMI. I will use C++ instead of C. This implies making everything from scratch again, so don't expect to see anything anytime soon !
It won't be a simple re-coding of the first MidiControl DS, I'm working on adding some nice features, the first being midi feedback, so that when you change a parameter on the computer, it will be updated on the DS aswell.

As soon as I get my 3DS, I will make some tutorial videos, now that I have a correct camera.

In the meantime, you can still download MidiControl DS 1.0b at Filetrip :