dimanche 18 décembre 2011

Korg nanoKontrol2 Custom Remote Script for Ableton Live

I got a brand new Korg nanoKontrol , and Korg had the great idea to include a MackieControl emulation mode, that works really well with Ableton Live. But just like the APC20, it didn't work quite like I would have liked. Instead of Pan control, I prefer to have the knobs row to control Send. And the mute leds are on when you mute a track. I prefer to have it the other way : led on when the track is not muted.

I went on to decompyle the compiled python files from Ableton Live 8.2 but after hours and hours of trying, some of the files could not be decompyled. I then tried with sources of an old version of Ableton that were public, and it did work fine, so I started from there.

I managed to do the modifications I wanted in no time, and here's the result ! It will work with all Ableton Live versions from 7 to 8.2 at least.


For the moment the only modifications are :
- Pan knobs control the Send A parameter of the track
- Mute leds are on when the track is on, off when the track is muted.

I will do further modifications, since there are some buttons that I won't really use on the left of the controller. Cycle could be used as a "Shift" button just like on the APC, and combined with the Track and Marker buttons, could be used to switch between Send A/B/C etc, or to select a track, a device, and control it with the knobs. I don't know yet. If you have ideas, they are welcome !

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  1. Thanks so much, been googling for hours to find this, like you i wanted to have the pans to be sends instead...
    so have you made progress, with the Shift button Send A/B/Cthing, becase that would make the controller worth alot more
    Again thanks, finally someone with reason :-)

  2. The "shift" function is something I can not do without, doing my nut in that there is no solution available!

  3. It's nice to see some attempts at altering the mackie script. I'm quite fond of the default script myself, but as always it feels as though some things haven't been thought through enough. the volume faders exceeding 0dB is a stellar example of this. for me this small shortcoming undermines the useability of the script. this brings me to my question. Could this be corrected in the script? and if so, would you possibly be willing to do this for me (my knowledge of the subject is extremely limited) as either an addition to your current modifications or as an altogether new script?

  4. Please limit in scripts volume faders to 0db - this function would be great. :)

  5. hi, would you be willing to publish sources as well? i'd love to fiddle with my own modifications without writing that thing from scratch or trying to decompyle...

    1. Hi, I'm not sure I still have the sources but I will look into it. decompyle will not work from what I remember, some of the files are too complicated to be decompyled

  6. Could you please reup the script?
    Would be great! Thx

  7. As asked before me :

    o Could you please reup the script?

    Would be great! Thx

  8. Here is a later version of the scripts: http://cl.ly/L0yU
    (found there: https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=174085)

    I too would love to get the source / some doc / anything ! My idea would be to have the knobs be automatically mapped to any selected effet (like with a User Remote Script) and if possible the rest to behave depending on the view (session or arrangement).

  9. Hi guys, can anybody please help me.
    I like the default Mackie control for my Nanokontrol2 in Ableton, but would like just instead of pan knobs to be able to control device parameter of a selected device such as macros.
    Is it complicated to modify the python script for that?