dimanche 5 août 2012

v 2.5 in the pipeline

It's been a long time, but I found myself wanting to get back to work on Midi Control DS. The major point I'm willing to improve is the compatibility. Many people reported that the app is hanging at the "connecting" screen on some flashcarts. If that is your case, I recommend to update your flashcard to the latest firmware possible, try again, and if it still does not work, please post a comment right here with the following information :
- DS Model (DS tank, DS Lite, DSi, ...)
- Flashcart model
- Flashcard firmware and version
- Nature of the problem (if it connects, if it does not connect, if it freezes on the connecting animation or if the animation is still running)

Other improvements should include variable loop size (more than just 16 steps), easier midi asignement on the XY pad (by using button X and Y, just like on the v1), maybe some better graphics (if you're a good designer and are willing to help on this point, let me know !), and whatever will come to my mind.

2 commentaires:

  1. +1 'hanging at the "connecting" screen' :(

    Dsi console with R4i upgrade revolution card.
    tried various firmware solutions ~ no luck.
    (R4i V1.11d English Firmware/Ysmenu)

    Old V1 version works for me
    v2/2.5 working would be a dream setup

    good luck and thanks

  2. v2 now working using moonshell 2.1 to launch.